Blind Channel Resort

Located on West Thurlow Island, on the west coast of British Columbia, Blind Channel Resort is a family-owned and operated full service marina, and resort.

I worked my first season with this resort in 2017, and noticed they were in need of a graphic designer, and the following work is a showcase of some of the pieces created over the years.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Menu Design
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS

A Little Bit About Them

The resort is owned by the Richter family, who bought the resort in 1970, and have lived there ever since. 

Nestled in the wilderness of the West Coast, the resort is best known for its delicious food, excellent staff and service, beautiful views, unique and creative artwork, and extraordinary experiences. With a full-service marina and resort, and a water taxi charter service, they are a well known stop for boaters heading to and from Alaska. 


Their Branding Identity

Showcases their values of family, and community. It’s focuses on simplicity, the nature of the west coast and casual elegance.

Their Target Market

The demographic that makes up most of the visitors at Blind Channel are retired, own a boat, are Canadian, or visiting from the US. 

People come to Blind Channel for the escape from reality, and to reconnect with like-minded people while exploring the west coast. These people are generally wealthy and they value good service, and experiences. Some people initially visit Blind Channel Resort out of necessity, because it’s one of the only places to restock between Campbell River and Port Hardy. Most customers, once they come to Blind Channel, return every season just for the ambience. This demographic is incredibly loyal, as long as their needs are meet, and their experiences continue to be enjoyable.

Owner, Eliot serves cake

Business Cards and Promotional Material

Every year, Blind Channel donates a gift card to the Staurt Island Salmon Enhancement Auction, and this is the gift card I created for them last season.

In early 2019, I re-designed their business cards, they wanted a clean, elegant and modern look. One of the most important parts of the redesign, is that even though they would a dual-sided card, there must be space to write down information for the customer.  

The summer of 2019, I designed some ads, and some promotional signage for Blind Channel Resort. Two of the ads were focused on advertising the marina, and the resort to be posted in a tidal book Port and Passes, and the Waggoner’s Cruising Guidebook, an extremely popular book among the boating community. The signage was more focused on Blind Channel’s water taxi charter service.

In early 2020 I designed a T-Shirt for Blind Channel to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


Every summer Blind Channel Resort is host to many different events. This includes music nights buffets, Cruise and Dine events, Canada Day and Father’s Day celebration, and wine tastings.

These are advertised in print and and one social media. (They have a facebook page and an instagram account.) Posters once printed are displayed in their store, fuel shed and in other nearby marinas

Some of the posters from every season that I’ve worked at Blind Channel so far. 

An Interactive Menu

In 2018, I decided to make this interactive menu for the Cedar Post Inn, during a Javascript project. The inspiration came to me when I noticed that a lot of food delivery apps where sorting items out by dietary needs, and I thought that was a really smart idea considering that when I serve in the restaurant over half the questions I get are “Is this vegetarian”. I sorted out all of the menu items tagging them with all the commonly found diets I could think of. This allows people to select their diet, and it shows them all the items that they can eat.

In real life this wouldn’t be realistic for Blind Channel because their menu changes every few days, sometimes daily during the busy season.

2019 Menus

One of the many elements that make Blind Channel Resort so popular is the fine dining. Cedar Post Inn, the restaurant at the resort was operated by Annemarie Richter for many years, and her authentic German recipes are still served today, along with some fantastic fresh seafood dishes.

The restaurant is open from mid May to late September, and is a friendly open space featuring natural cedar posts, gallery-lit art by Annemarie, and overlooks the channel. In the busier months serves breakfast, lunch and happy hour along with regular dinner service.

These are the menus I made for the 2019 summer season. I separated the designs out into two tones, a semi casual menu, and formal menu. The semi-casual menu is used for the breakfast menu, lunch, and happy hour. The formal menu is used for dinner service, and includes an extensive drink menu and wine list, a feature menu and regular dishes menu.

These menus change every few days, as the chef or servers add new specials and entreés. I made these into easy to change templates in Indesign, so I didn’t have to remake them every time.

More to come!

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